Corporate and Group Plans

"Change before you have to" Jack Welsh, Former CEO GE, 2004 

How can you be sure your employees stay 

healthy, happy and engaged while at work? 


How do you know if a Health Coach is what your company needs? 


Is InsideOut Nutrition's health program  right for your company?

Every company is different. Your industry, location, size and culture all contribute to the uniqueness of your company.



InsideOut Nutrition thinks beyond the one-size-fits-all approach.



As with 1:1 health coaching, each corporate program is developed with your company's unique characteristics, needs and organizational goals in mind.

56% of employers say workplace wellness is one of  the top 3 most effective   approaches to control  health care costs.

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Section 10408 (2012) US Department of Health and Human Services

Healthier employees have lower absenteeism, higher productivity and increased job satisfaction and motivation, while unhealthy employees raise employer health care and insurance costs, damaging your bottom line.





Your Group Plan will promote

positive changes at your workplace. 



*make healthy choices easier, unhealthy choices more difficult 


*end mixed messages surrounding nutrition and achievement


*provide a supportive environment to sustain healthier habits


*encourage participation in a group detox challenge


*initiate a culture shift that nurtures health and well-being


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