The Power To Change Is In Your Hands!

While all of the coronavirus prevention tips that we hear about are very important, there’s something that we hear very little about that is much more important!

Health has always been our most important resource. Sometimes, it takes a crisis to bring the importance of health to the forefront. During this pandemic, many of us are feeling helpless when the opposite can also be true. You can make this the time to take back control of your health.

Your lifestyle choices can either optimize or weaken your immune system. You can change your underlying health reality by practices that give your body a fighting chance to respond with resiliency. That’s HUGE!

Eating the right foods is certainly one practice but equally important is WHEN you eat your food! Insulin is a hormone that’s secreted EVERY time you eat. (The amount of insulin depends on what you eat.) There’s evidence that insulin resistance contributes to the severity of the symptoms of the coronavirus.

Insulin levels peak 30 minutes after you eat and go back to normal after 3 hours. If you’re eating every 2-3 hours (as some suggest) you’re not allowing your insulin to go back to its normal level, therefore, you’ll never go into fat-burning mode. (More on fat-burning and leptin in another blog!)

Eating small, frequent meals keeps your insulin elevated all day and you end up with a cascade of health issues. Your liver’s ability to clean house will be limited, triggering fat storage and leading to insulin resistance. When your liver can’t burn fat, you gain weight and your energy plummets because your insulin receptors become resistant.

How many hours can you go without eating? At first, it will seem difficult because you’ll be thinking of the next snack or meal. Once you take the power in your hands, you’ll begin to see how good it feels- physically and emotionally! And, the best part is not only will you feel better but you’ll be boosting your immune system to help fight off a potential invader!!!

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