... makes up 90% of our lungs!

Our immune systems are our body’s first line of defense. This is true for ANY pathogen, at any time. In light of the current coronavirus, the topic of immunity has stepped up to center stage. As with any pathogen, if your immune system is healthy, you may still contract the virus or bacteria (yes, even healthy people get ‘sick’). You may or may not show symptoms, you may exhibit mild symptoms or you may experience more severe symptoms. Supporting your immune system with daily practices will always increase your level of defense while decreasing your level of symptoms.

Since this coronavirus is a respiratory virus, daily practices that support the immunity of your lungs and respiratory system are even more vital.

As with any flu, we know to keep hydrated. One of the reasons is that by drinking plenty of filtered water and by sipping warm water or herbal teas throughout the day, we keep our lung mucous moist and healthy. Our lungs are 90% water! They need to be moist in order to pump the oxygen that is crucial for our survival! Try to drink half of your body weight in ounces everyday.

I start my day with 32oz of warm lemon water before I do anything else. Yes, it sounds like a lot but trust me, it’s one of the most self-nurturing practices I do. For years, I struggled with being consistent about drinking enough water daily. Since Ive begun to start my day with 32oz, Ive never had trouble drinking 60-80 ounces each day.

“Hot sips’ is an Ayurvedic practice that I Iove! Throughout the day, continuously sip on as warm of water as you like. If you take a few sips every 10 or so minutes, you will nourish the mucous lining- not only of your lungs- but of your intestines as well!

And, then there are herbal teas that support our lungs, throat and nasal cavities. We’ve been drinking pots of Medicinal Traditions Throat Coat, Echinacea Plus, and Breathe Easy, and Yogi Teas Breathe Deep, Cold Season, Immune Support, Egyptian Licorice and lots of different brands of Peppermint.

So fill your glass with water or your mug with hot sips or tea and make a toast to yourself and your strengthened immune system! Cheers!!

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