Setting Intentions in 2019

Will this be your year for making resolutions? or Will this be your year for setting intentions?

Why do so many of us make resolutions only to quickly abandon them? One reason may be found in the word itself! Resolution is defined by words such as complex analysis, firm decision, and solution to a difficult situation. I don’t know about you but they all sound pretty scary to me.

The start of the new year brings change- new experiences, new challenges, and renewed hope. Change can be scary enough without the pressure of hard resolutions making it more difficult to sustain.

So, what can we do?

This year, try setting an intention. Words associated with intention are: process of healing, goal setting, and having a purpose and a plan. I’d much rather think of my new year as a process of healing, having a purpose and setting a plan.

So, if you’re still reading this (thank you if you are), you may be wondering what’s my 2019 intention.

It’s to find more BALANCE. I’ve realized that I’m more of an ‘all or nothing’ person than I thought. I tend to give all of myself with such abandonment, that I create imbalances. This year, my healing process will begin with finding more balance in my daily plans and goals.

What’s your intention for 2019?

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