Are You Grounded?

Are you grounded? Most of us think of being grounded as only an emotional/psychological state and don’t pay much attention to the physiological state as well. Aside from the health benefits of fresh air and sunlight and the joy from being in nature, the earth gives us an extra dose of medicine as well- if you give it a chance!

How? GROUNDING! Take off your shoes and walk bare foot- direct contact with the earth is called earthing or grounding and the health benefits are numerous! Walking on the grass, dirt, sand or gravel (even to a lesser degree- concrete) helps to balance hormones, aid digestion, lower blood pressure and stress, reduce inflammation, restore cortisol balance, neutralize free radicals and regulate our circadian rhythms so we sleep better. When we walk barefoot, get our bare hands in the dirt or make sand castles at the beach, it’s not happenstance that we feel better. It’s because we’re connecting our bodies with the Earth’s gentle electrical charge which helps us maintain the electrical balance of positive and negative electrons needed for optimal health.

Most shoes today are made of rubber or plastic- the same materials used to insulate wires- so they are also insulating us from Earth’s natural electron flow! Lightweight, leather soled shoes allow a better connection.

As Labor Day weekend approaches, please get outside, take off your shoes, get your hands in the dirt or sand and connect with good old Mother Earth. Your body and mind will thank you!

Happy holiday weekend!

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