Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I spent too many years and much too much money on conventional doctors who just kept saying the same thing over and over- Pretty much "it's all in your head" or "well, the tests say that you're in the normal range" or "take this prescription and let me know"! Instead, Trish showed me nutritious substitutions for the foods that were making me sick. And, strangely, I don't miss anything because the foods I now eat are just as delicious- actually, more delicious! I've got my health and my life back! Cate S, Bourne 10/19 

Trish is an amazing wellness coach.  I love her approach on not dieting but making it a lifestyle choice.  She is knowledgeable, resourceful and always has an option for me for whatever may be bothering me.  She truly has changed my life. Her recommendations have been game changers.  I feel healthier and cleaner than ever.  Thank you Trish, you're the best... Meg H, Mashpee 3/19

I'd been yoyo dieting for years. I'd find a diet that I thought I could stick with and, for the most part, I would stay with it...until I didn't! I'd lose the weight only to gain it back again once I stopped. Lately, each time I finally admitted I needed to 'do something' again, I'd find that I was a few more pounds heavier than starting the last diet. Trish has taught me about real food- no more fads, no more yoyo dieting. I know that what I've learned about eating mostly plant-based (we still eat meat, just not everyday), nutrient dense foods and how to substitute, not go without is more of a lifestyle than a diet and will be with us forever. Trish is patient, never judgmental and also a pleasure to be with. My family and I thank you!  Jen H, East Falmouth 8/18

I knew how to feed myself but I could not figure out how to feed my kids. What snacks, lunches, dinners could I prepare for them? Trish's sound yet creative approach to which foods would keep my kids happy while keeping them healthy made meal/snack preparation SO much easier and better. Other moms began asking me for advise! Maria N, Woods Hole, MA 9/17

"After repeated 'normal range' thyroid tests and being told that everything was fine while I still felt awful, I decided to try a different route. Thank  you Trish for listening, believing and most importantly knowing how to help me feel better. I had no idea that there were so many chemicals affecting my thyroid everyday. By eliminating my exposure (as much as I could) and 'tweaking' my diet, my symptoms began to disappear! Finally health care that makes sense! Lisa P, Carlisle, MA 3/17

"I've been suffering with arthritis since I was four years old, so it has been a number of years since I have known what feeling well is like. After just a few weeks of making some minor changes in my diet, not only does my body feel better, but I also find myself filled with hope. Just a few small changes and a lot of support. Trish has a lot of warmth and compassion about her, and with her encouragement, it seems impossible to fall short of your goals." Brian S, Falmouth MA 7/16

"Trish has taught me how to be comfortable with food. I was diagnosed with IBS when I was a teenager. Not only did she help me pinpoint the foods that were causing my troubles but she even introduced me to foods I didn't know about and then taught me how to substitute and balance my food choices. I no longer have to cancel get-togethers with my friends because I'm afraid I'll embarrass myself. Thank you Trish for doing what you do!" Tammy G, Falmouth, MA 2/16

"I was beginning to get tired of going from doctor to doctor trying to get answers. I just didn't feel well. Each day, it seemed like there was something different. One day, I'd have joint pain. Mostly in my hands. Another day, I'd have bloating and gas. Another, just intense fatigue. When I first heard about Trish, I admit I was skeptical because I said, I'd tried many doctors and none of them knew what was wrong with me. All they wanted to do was prescribe a med and set up a new appointment for me to come back to see if the med worked. Once I started working with Trish, I could tell that things were going to be different. She knows her foods and has such a caring personality. After a couple of meetings, she suggested that I have my blood tested for food sensitivities. She felt that we would get some answers there. And indeed we did! I learned that I was highly sensitive to some foods that I regularly ate  (eggs and casein) and  some that I hardly ever ate (cantaloupe). Then by working with Trish to understand different food families, which foods I should limit completely, which foods to avoid when I can and most importantly, which foods I can eat with abandonment, I began to feel better. I no longer have so many things going wrong. Now, if I have joint pain, I know why. I know that I've eaten something that doesn't agree with my body. It doesn't happen very often but at least now when it does, I know why. I highly recommend Trish to anyone who suffers from all those little quirky things that your doctor has no idea what to do with." Margaret P,  West Roxbury, MA  12/15

"I've been traveling for my work for a few years now. I never know which city I'll be in, what restaurants to eat in or if my hotel will have a gym. Needless to say, I've gotten out of shape, gained weight and most of the time don't feel so great. Not only has Trish helped me find a routine in my routine less life, but now I let her know which city I'm going to be in and she finds out the best restaurants near my hotel and even helps me with which meals I should order off the menus! That's service! (with a smile)" Patrick M, Boston, MA 4/15

"I've been overweight since I was a teenager. I never really thought about when or why I started to gain weight, I just knew thru photos that each year I was bigger. You know you're fat when people always tell you how beautiful your eyes are! Over the years, I would try this diet and that diet and will admit I lost weight while on the diet but always gained it right back as soon as I got off it. I own my own company so it's 24/7 and very stressful. I didn't have the time to think about food and prepare meals. That's why dieting seemed easier for me. Find a diet that will tell me what to eat, even if it's not very appetizing.

Then a client of mine told me he had worked with Trish and he thought she would be good for me too. At first, I struggled to fit her into my already packed schedule. At the beginning, I would wonder if my time was 'going to be worth it'. Well, very quickly, I found out that the time spent with Trish was not only fun and relaxing (something I don't do much), it was  worth every minute because everything Trish taught me could be carried over to the time between meetings. Trish taught me how to eat, how to shop more economically, how to cook once and eat two or three times and how to use my beautiful eyes to look at food differently. With a some guided tips on how to change my approach, I now have more time! Not just because I'm more organized but mostly because I feel better and think clearer.

Even if you're not struggling with weight issues, don't wait any longer- hire Trish to help you learn what you can do to become healthier and happier!"  Kelly L, Baltimore, MD 5/14   

"I'm so thankful my trainer at the gym recommended I hire Trish! She helped me put an end to dieting. I had tried limiting calories, cutting back on fat, no carbs, no meat, and protein loading. Over the last 5 years, I had tried just about every type of diet there was yet I couldn't keep that extra 15 pounds off. Trish taught me that it isn't about carbs or calories or counting anything. It's all about real food verses processed food. And mostly, Trish's encouragement and support helped me through making the changes that I knew I needed to. Now, if I have a weight fluctuation, it's only a couple of pounds, not like before." Mike M, Cambridge MA  5/13