Pantry Makeover/ Grocery Tour

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" Hippocrates c460-400BC

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How about a Pantry Makeover?




I will come to your home to help you weed out processed, packaged foods and old, outdated spices and condiments that are filling your pantry. I will guide you in finding substitutions that are not just healthy but fit your lifestyle - from nutritional go-to snacks and meals to new and delicious herbs and spices that will enhance the natural flavors of your healthy meals.

Or consider a Grocery Tour




I will accompany you to your favorite grocery store. Together we will navigate the aisles of the market discovering healthy substitutions for most of your food and household products. We will look at misleading labels and compare their nutritional values. You will learn about the fifty plus names for sugar that are hidden in processed foods, the Dirty Dozen vs the Clean Fifteen,  become a Teaspoon Tracker and much more! 

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