COVID-19 Antibody Test Kits Now Available

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Our COVID-19 antibody test was approved by the USFDA on March 22, 2020.

We were the first antibody test approved in China and with our partners have successfully tested over 2 million people in China and now in the United States.



This serum test determines the presence or absence of COVID-19 antibodies in your blood.



In light of the continued shortage of PCR (nasal swab) testing, increased turnaround times of 10 days+, and evidenced-based knowledge that COVID-19's window of time for a reliable PCR test, the necessity of a new test, especially this blood serum antibody test, will play a crucial role in managing the next phase of this pandemic. 



Unfortunately, the RNA-based diagnostic test that looks for the presence of viral genes in a nasal or throat swab, shows only whether or not there’s an active infection. Many people who have waited days for approval to test, end up receiving a negative test result because, by that time, their nasal or throat mucous no longer had active antigens. The window for an efficient nasal swab had closed.



This serum test can tell whether you are presently active and, more importantly, if you have been infected in the past (your body retains antibodies against pathogens it has already overcome).



If your test results came back negative, yet you feel certain that you have had the coronavirus, then this test is for you. Your antibodies will tell your truth and give you peace of mind.



At this time, antibody serum tests are blood draw only. Labs across the country are working diligently to perfect the reliability of the antibody test in a fingerprick  blood sample.

Request Your Test

Please contact Trish by email- or call- 508 274-1184 (be sure to leave a message so your call can be answered)

The steps

Once your order has been submitted, you'll receive a confirmation email from JotForm (please be sure to check your junk folder as well as your inbox). Within hours, you'll receive a second email from JotForm with your kit's tracking information. 

Time Frame

Once your sampling is complete, you will return your blood sample via the envelope supplied in your kit. You will then receive your test results within 24 hours. That's a total turn around time of 24-48 hours!!

Test Price

The price is $150 plus $50 which includes overnight shipping to you and back once completed.

How Can I Pay for My Test?

You can pay by Venmo, Paypal or ApplePay for fastest results.

Drop Ship Kits and at Home Phlebotomy Service

We have partnered with 6000 Phlebotomists to enable patients to be tested at at home. Email or call Trish to schedule your blood draw.