About Trish

"Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." Michael Pollan 2008

My story begins as many I've heard.

While the details of our stories are unique, the parallels are strikingly similar.

Trish before changing to natural lifestyle

2009 - Age 54

I thought I looked

as well as I could. 


I thought I felt

as well as I should.


I accepted my annoying ailments as 'my genes'.

Trish looking younger at age 60 than at age 50

2015 - Age 60

For many years, I had one annoying ailment after another; either red patches on my skin, a sinus or middle ear infection, canker sores, broken nails or hair too thin to grow long. Like many people, I wrote each of these ailments off as 'just me'. Then, in 2009, I was diagnosed with lupus. I had an auto-immune disorder! The good news is, though, with some changes,  auto-immune disorders can be reversed.

Typical of other's experiences, I was given multiple prescriptions, each with undesirable, toxic side effects. I knew that this was NOT the path for me. I wanted to find out what was causing my illness. Little did I know, I was on my own. At that time, health coaches were virtually unknown, therefore, it was up to me to find the answers to my questions. Every answer I found pointed to diet and lifestyle. I learned that although auto-immune diseases are among the most prevalent forms of chronic illness today, being diagnosed with one does not need to be a life sentence. Even though I thought that I ate well, I learned that my body was constantly being invaded by the chemicals in processed foods, toxins in the environment, stress and infections. I learned that by making small changes, I could take charge of my own health again. 


Simply changing to a predominately plant-based diet allowed me to wean off my medications. Within months, I was medication free. The paradox was, even though I thought I felt fine before I got sick, by making small changes in my diet and lifestyle, I began to feel better than I had in years. That's when I decided to enroll in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and that's when my life truly changed! 


My profession had always been one of helping others. From a speech and language pathologist on the Zuni Reservation to teaching deaf children in Corfu, Greece to teaching special needs children on Cape Cod, I had always strived to make others' lives better. When people started asking me to share my secret for looking younger as I aged, for feeling better than I had in years and for having more energy and productivity each day,  I understood that I had to do more to share my story. Retiring from teaching to start a new career (at age 59) was a risk that I was willing to take and I've never looked back...

Trish at age 60, looking younger and more fit than age 50

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* Taper unnecessary prescriptions

* End yo-yo dieting

* Recognize harmful ingredients

* Reduce stress in your lifestyle

* Solidify healthy habits in your everyday routines

* Become more confident with home cooking 

It is not by chance that you either feel well or not!  

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